Top 10 Green Tea Facts That’ll Surprise You!- History & Benefits

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Green Tea Facts Top 10 Green Tea Facts That’ll Surprise You!- History & Benefits

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve drank green tea before. Maybe just once, maybe all the time! Either way, green tea is one of the most popular teas available in the market and for good reason. It doesn’t just taste good and soothe your mood. It’s also known for its wide array of health benefits. It’s discovery is an interesting story in itself, but you’d have to read on to find out!


We highlight the Top 10 facts about this charming tea that might just surprise you.

  1. Green tea comes from the same plant that produces black tea and oolong teaCamellia Sinensis. The difference lies in the way they are processed. Unlike both its counterparts, green tea does not go through a fermentation process. Instead, they are dried and steamed at high temperatures, giving it its green shade when brewed.
  2. Contrary to popular knowledge, green tea originated from China and not Japan! Legend has it that Emperor Shen Nung accidentally discovered the tea in 2737 BC when some tea leaves blew into his pot of hot drinking water. Truth or tale? You decide.
  3. Between the 3rd and 6th century, tea was considered a ‘luxury item’ reserved for the privileged before new methods for production and mass market distribution caught on.
  4. Ever noticed a slight bitterness to green tea? It is due to the fact that green tea is rich in Tannins, a type of antioxidant that’s good for you.
  5. According to research, people who regularly consume green tea are less susceptible to common bacterial and viral infections because the antioxidants in green tea help to boost the body’s immunity system. Farewell, apples! A cup of green tea a day will keep my doctor away.
  6. Want to lose weight? You guessed it. Try green tea. Studies show that people who regularly drink green tea are able to burn between 70-100 calories more per day due to the polyphenols in it. Plus, unsweetened green tea is a zero-calorie beverage!
  7. Green tea could also help reduce bad cholesterol levels. There are 2 kinds of cholesterols: good and bad. Green tea improves the ratio of good to bad cholesterol in our body.
  8. The same antioxidants in green tea that help boost your immunity system also neutralises harmful free radicals which can damage skin and accelerate the ageing process. As a result, healthy youthful skin!
  9. According to a study by Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo from Japan’s National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Centre, green tea consumption can help lower the risk of stroke. In his research, he found that drinking 2-3 cups of green tea a day could reduce the risk by about 14 percent!
  10. Not only that, green tea also benefits cardiovascular health as it helps to prevent blood from clotting.



To enjoy the full benefits of green tea, always opt for the brewed loose leaf version. According to the American Chemical Society, bottled tea contains less antioxidants than brewed tea. 


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