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teas-to-fight-flu Fight the Flu/Cold with These Soothing Teas

It’s officially flu season. Your colleagues sitting next to you are sniffing, your friends are cancelling plans to stay home and rest while you are doing your very best to keep clear away from the dreaded flu bug. Or perhaps, you are the ‘colleague’ or ‘friend’ in this situation you’re down with a cold. Whichever … Continued

Top Teas For Skin Teas To Drink For Clear, Radiant & Glowing Skin

Here’s yet another thing that tea can help you do- improve your skin health! There’s a reason why plenty of the best skin care products in the market contain elements of tea in them. The antioxidants and nutrients in tea don’t just lead to a healthier body internally, but also externally! After all, when you’re … Continued

3 Healthy Wellness Teas for Women 3 Healthy Wellness Teas For Women (Plus, they’re pink!)

  (Read to the end for a #Pinktober Promotion exclusive just for you!)   We don’t know about you, but taking a sip out of a good cup of tea- whether iced or hot- makes us feel all kinds of fuzzy inside. The good kind of fuzzy. Our favourite thing about tea is that it’s just … Continued

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