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TEA-sicles (Tea popsicles) Recipe Anyone Can Do

In our hot and humid weather, a popsicle- or better yet- a tea-sicle, will always be a welcome form of refreshment. They’re so easy to make, literally anyone can do it! For our recipe today, we chose a flavour that is yet another classic staple during hot months; ice lemon tea. Follow along to find … Continued

How To: Delicious Matcha Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Oh, Matcha. How amazing you are. We are so in love with our Flavour of the Month for April that we’ve decided to not just limit our use of the beautiful green powder in just our drinks, but also in our dessert! This Matcha Chia Seed Pudding recipe is simple to do, healthy and most … Continued

Mate: What is it? The Coffee Alternative We Love

    “Mate what?”   That is probably the response you’d get if you asked someone in this part of the world what mate (pronounced ma-tay) is but travel down to South American countries like Paraguay, Brazil or Argentina and you’re most likely to be met with a resounding ‘OF COURSE!’ to the same question. … Continued

post-workout-teas Drink These Teas Post-Workout For Recovery & Weight Loss!

Imagine this: you’ve just completed a tough workout, you’re tired and dripping in sweat from head to toe, and….you’re thirsty. As you should be. Isotonic drinks are a common option but a lot of them also contain high levels of sugar. Here’s an alternative you may not have thought of. Tea! Believe it or not, … Continued

teas-to-fight-flu Fight the Flu/Cold with These Soothing Teas

It’s officially flu season. Your colleagues sitting next to you are sniffing, your friends are cancelling plans to stay home and rest while you are doing your very best to keep clear away from the dreaded flu bug. Or perhaps, you are the ‘colleague’ or ‘friend’ in this situation you’re down with a cold. Whichever … Continued

Top Teas For Skin Teas To Drink For Clear, Radiant & Glowing Skin

Here’s yet another thing that tea can help you do- improve your skin health! There’s a reason why plenty of the best skin care products in the market contain elements of tea in them. The antioxidants and nutrients in tea don’t just lead to a healthier body internally, but also externally! After all, when you’re … Continued

Green Tea Facts Top 10 Green Tea Facts That’ll Surprise You!- History & Benefits

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve drank green tea before. Maybe just once, maybe all the time! Either way, green tea is one of the most popular teas available in the market and for good reason. It doesn’t just taste good and soothe your mood. It’s also known for its wide array of health … Continued

Energy Boosting Tea Energy Boosting Teas You Need To Try

We all need a little energy boost every once in a while but we may not always have the time for a power nap. So what do you do when your body’s battery is running low and you need a little pick me up to get you through the rest of the day?   Keep … Continued

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